Synthweaving Crafted sets

Click on each image below to go to a page specific for each armor where you can see more pictures, where it came from etc. Please see this guide for the materials required to craft these sets.

Trainer Schematics

Reverse Engineered Schematics

  • Edward Tramp

    I wonder why all the clothes seems to be made in plastics… textures are terrible in this game.

    • Arclinon

       Well actually heavy armor does have some metal parts in it which i think are mandalorian iron in order to defend from lightsabers (yes lightsabers can’t cut through mandalorian iron among some few metals) so it makes sense but some heavy and medium armors either don’t have it or don’t show which makes sense after all they are jedi not Brothers of steel (fallout reference)

    • Cessna

      Actually, it’s not the textures so much as the shaders. It’s really a problem with the game’s render engine itself – it just handles specularity very poorly. So everything tends to look waxy/plastic.

  • Nym

     It would be nice to be able to see the Republic and Imperial versions of the neutral pieces next to each other.  It is my understanding that a SI wearing the Traditional Brocart outfit looks different than if a Consular would put on the same item.

    • dulfy

      The Traditional Brocart outfit already have Empire and Republic images (still missing the empire male for 100% completion).

      For rest of the sets we are working on getting the opposite faction/gender screenshots asap :)

  • Oramac

    Is there ANY pub side heavy armor for a jedi that does NOT have a damn hood? I made a Sith Jedi, but what’s the point if he’s always covered by a bloody hooded cloak.

    • Jake Nolan

      Know what sucks? The only decent looking Sith armor sets WITH hoods, are on the Cartel Market… Be happy you GET hoods from crafted gear.

      • gua543

        That’s not entirely true, you get pretty nice looking jugg gear with hood on from the level 20/40 PvP vendor on DK. Not to mention the primeval paragon/vindicator sets. The head hides the hood, but there’s a hood nonetheless. Maras, on the other side…

  • Ekimmak

    As soon as I get back in the game, I’ll get screenshots of the level 50 light armour I crafted for Kira.

  • Sebastian Blogg

    Whats the best way to get these schematics cause I cant find any

    • Exiled Messenger

      Underworld Trading missions.

      • Sebastian Blogg


  • Jabo

    There is supposedly a dancer style top in game that is modable that does not have the little flaps hanging down in the front and back as if attached to your belt. Any idea what the item is and where it can be found?

    • Kyne

      Nope, not in the game atm. Some custom combinations can hide the flap to a certain degree, but all the dancer style sets have those flaps.
      Basically, these are your options right now. Some people have used the Relaxed Uniform top for a revealing outfit without the flaps.