Four legacy sets are available from the Dromund Kaas/Coruscant Vendors. The Renowned (legacy level 10) and Exalted (legacy level 20) sets are available for credits. They cost quite a bit, with prices ranging from 75k to 250k for a single piece (Exalted pieces usually more pricy). The Birthright and Inheritance sets (not moddable – level 14-16 and 29-33) are available by trading in tokens obtained via random drops. For more information on the location of the legacy vendors and a preview of some of the legacy sets not found here yet, please check out this guide here. Most of the Reputation gear is also Bind to Legacy.

These are rewards from turning in Alliance Supply Crates to your Alliance Specialists and Resistance Contacts.

Remnant Arkanian

Remnant Dread Guard

Remnant Resurrected

Remnant Underworld

Remnant Yavin

Located in your Alliance Base on Odessen (Underworld Logistics)

Assault on Tython/Korriban Incursion

Depths of Manaan

Bounty Broker Association

Citizens of Makeb

Coalition Forces on Yavin

CZ-198 – Ordnance Acquisition Corps (Imp), The Adjudicators (Pub)

Galactic Solutions Industries

Gree Enclave

Imperial First Mobile Fleet/Republic Hyperspace Armada

Imperial Guard/Republican Fifth Assault Battalion (Section X)

Kuat Drive Yards – Imperial Forward Command (Imp), Republic First Fleet (Pub)

Oricon – Dread Executioners (Imp), Strike Team Oricon (Pub)

People of Rishi


Bounty Broker Association

Chevin Grand Acquisitions Race / Events Ambassador

Nar Shaddaa Nightlife

Rakghoul Pandemic / Events Ambassador

Rakghoul Resurgence

Relics of the Gree

Seeker Droid Missions

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    Would it be possible to have an Adaptive Legacy section? I want stuff I can share cross-faction/class and the Gree thing just isn’t doing it for me. I know of the Star Forager and Dreadseed gear that also fits into that category.

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      Actually, everything on this page except the exalted and renowned sets is adaptive and cross legacy. You can mail any of them between toons and they’ll stay the same.

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  • http://fallout.gamepedia.com/User:Veryblackraven veryblackraven

    I wonder why Jedi Knights/Sith Warriors seem to have far less suitable legacy armor sets than others. Consulars/Inquisitors have their share, and Agents/Smugglers/Troopers/Hunters have lots of those. I’d like to see my Jedi Knight looks like an actual Jedi Knight and all I have are Renowned and Exalted sets. That’s just sad.

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    You’re missing the new Conquered Exarch armors from KotFE.

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          • Darth Ji’inx

            No problem. As far as I’m aware, these 4 sets are all that’s left. I’m not sure about the bracers (random drops from Paladans in Heroic), but you could do all 6 Heroics on 1 character without accepting the armor rewards and do previews of all 4 sets from the pending quest completion windows on that single character before you accept the rewards.

          • Exiled Messenger

            I’ll see if that works when I get that far. I still have to do enough heroics to do the last two intro missions to Star Fortress. I also haven’t touched crafting. I can’t even think about how many sets are available from lower level heroics too.

          • Darth Ji’inx


            Oh, I forgot to mention the Veteran gear that newly created 60s get & the Remnant shells. Luckily, the Remnant shells are just lookalikes to the sets they are named after, meaning you could reuse pics for those entries 😉

          • Exiled Messenger

            If I could create an instant level 60 character, I would get those sets up. Unfortunately, I’m one of the unlucky ones that can’t create them. I’m still exploring what I want to do with the Remnant sets. I’m collecting all the pieces and once I can see a whole set, I’ll make a decision about how I want to approach those.

          • gua543

            I wouldn’t bother with the heroics. The rewards are class specific and they change every ten levels or so, doesn’t matter if you do a heroic on Balmorra or Corellia. You gotta level all 8 classes from scratch to be able to post pics of them. Considering they are just recolored (sometimes they look the same) versions of already existing green or prototype world drops, it’s not worth the time and energy.

          • Exiled Messenger

            D. Rose has been working on this for me. She mentioned that it looks like they used the same models for the premium, prototype, and artifact level verions. Since the artifact-level versions are BoE, I’ve been collecting as many of those pieces off the GTN as I can. If we can confirm they are identical, I’ll just re-use those pictures for the seven sets that have artifact versions. Unfortunately, that leaves at least eight other sets that we may never be able to get on the site.

  • Ry

    Anyone know how I obtain the Level 60 Starter Gear that’s listed here? Also are they legacy bound? Looking to get a set of legacy gear that fits the ‘sith’ look, both the inquisitor and warriors.

    • Exiled Messenger

      That’s what instant-level 60 characters are wearing when you create them.

      • Ry

        Darn, so there is no way to get those armor without using the token? Guess I’ll have to keep searching for another legacy gear set that fits a Sith.

        • gua543

          The Veteran Warrior legacy set is the same as the Remnant Dread Guard Warrior set and the inquisitor one is the same as the remnant arkanian, just so you know.

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            Yup, I’m hunting down the Remnant gear now. Got my first toon through all 9 chapters.

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          Thanks. I’m starting to realize that many people think this is an automated process. It took me a year to get everything pre-KotFE on the site and it’s a bit frustrating with the number of people asking why everything isn’t updated yet.

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