Four legacy sets are available from the Dromund Kaas/Coruscant Vendors. The Renowned (legacy level 10) and Exalted (legacy level 20) sets are available for credits. They cost quite a bit, with prices ranging from 75k to 250k for a single piece (Exalted pieces usually more pricy). The Birthright and Inheritance sets (not moddable – level 14-16 and 29-33) are available by trading in tokens obtained via random drops.

For more information on the location of the legacy vendors and a preview of some of the legacy sets not found here yet, please check out this guide here.

Legacy sets are also often available for a limited time during World Events. They require Social Rank I or Reputation with the Gree. Most of the Reputation gear is also Bind to Legacy.

Renowned (Legacy level 10)

Inquisitor Juggernaut Marauder Agent
Inquisitor’s Renowned Juggernaut’s Renowned Marauder’s Renowned Agent’s Renowned
InquisitorsRenowned Legacy JuggernautsRenowned Legacy MaraudersRenowned Legacy AgentsRenowned Legacy
Bounty Hunter      
Hunter’s Renowned      
HuntersRenowned Legacy      
Consular Guardian Sentinel Smuggler
Consular’s Renowned Guardian’s Renowned Sentinel’s Renowned Smuggler’s Renowned
ConsularsRenowned Legacy GuardiansRenowned Legacy SentinelsRenowned Legacy SmugglersRenowned Legacy
Trooper’s Renowned      
TroopersRenowned Legacy      

Exalted (Legacy level 20)

Inquisitor Juggernaut Marauder Agent
Inquisitor’s Exalted Juggernaut’s Exalted Marauder’s Exalted Agent’s Exalted
InquisitorsExalted Legacy JuggernautsExalted Legacy MaraudersExalted Legacy AgentsExalted Legacy
Bounty Hunter      
Hunter’s Exalted      
HuntersExalted Legacy      
Consular Guardian Sentinel Smuggler
Consular’s Exalted Guardian’s Exalted Sentinel’s Exalted Smuggler’s Exalted
ConsularsExalted Legacy GuardiansExalted Legacy SentinelsExalted Legacy SmugglersExalted Legacy
Trooper’s Exalted      
TroopersExalted Legacy      


Assault on Tython/Korriban Incursion

Tattered Mystic Tattered Ritualist    
Tattered Mystic Female Back Cowled Thumb Legacy Tattered Ritualist Male Thumb Legacy    


Bounty Broker Association

Bounty Tracker Contract Hunter Master Hunter  
Bounty Tracker Female Thumb Legacy Contract Hunter Male Thumb Legacy Master HUnter Male Thumb Legacy  

Citizens of Makeb

Confiscated Mercenary (Pub) Core Miner (Imp) Makeb Assault (Imp) Republic Protector (Pub)
ConfiscatedMercenary Legacy CoreMinerMale Legacy MakebAssault Legacy RepublicProtectorMale Legacy

CZ-198 – Ordnance Acquisition Corps (Imp), The Adjudicators (Pub)

Czerka Executive Czerka Security    
CzerkaExecutiveHeroMaleThumb1 Legacy CzerkaSecurityFemaleThumb Legacy    

Galactic Solutions Industries

GSI Infiltration MKI GSI Tactical Assault MKI    
GSIInfiltrationMKI Legacy GSITacticalAssaultMKIMale Legacy    

Gree Enclave

Blue Scalene Red Scalene White Scalene  
BlueScalene Legacy RedScalene Legacy WhiteScalene Legacy  

Imperial First Mobile Fleet/Republic Hyperspace Armada

Hyperspace Hotshot (Imp) Hyperspace Hotshot (Pub) Deep Space Starfighter Helmet  
HyperspaceHotshotImpMale Legacy HyperspaceHotshot Legacy DeepSpaceStarfighterHelmetMale Legacy  

Imperial Guard/Republican Fifth Assault Battalion (Section X)

Section Guardian (Imp) Section Guardian (Pub)    
SectionGuardianImp Legacy SectionGuardianPubMale Legacy    

Kuat Drive Yards – Imperial Forward Command (Imp), Republic First Fleet (Pub)

KDY Shipwright      
KDY Shipwright Male Thumb Legacy      

Oricon – Dread Executioners (Imp), Strike Team Oricon (Pub)

Dread Host Hallowed Gothic    
DreadHostMaleThumb Legacy HallowedGothicFemaleThumb Legacy    


Voss Ambassador      
VossAmbassadormale Legacy      


Galactic Starfighter In-Game Gift

Imperial Battle Ace Imperial Covert Pilot Republic Experimental Pilot Republic Squadron Commander Pilot
Imperial Battle Ace Female Thumb Legacy Imperial Covert Pilot Male Thumb Legacy Republic Experimental Pilot Female Thumb Legacy Republic Squadron Commander Pilot Male Thumb Legacy

World Events

Bounty Broker Association Bounty Broker Association Bounty Broker Association Chevin Grand Acquisition Race
Bounty Tracker     Sand People Bloodguard
Bounty Tracker Female Thumb1 Legacy Contract Hunter Male Thumb1 Legacy Master HUnter Male Thumb1 Legacy SandPeopleBloodguard Legacy
Rakghoul Pandemic Rakghoul Pandemic Rakghoul Resurgence Rakghoul Resurgence
Imperial Containment Officer Republic Containment Officer THORN Dark Vector THORN Dark Vector
ImperialContainmentOfficer Legacy RepublicContainmentOfficer Legacy THORN Dark Vector Female Thumb3 Legacy THORN Epicenter Male Thumb3 Legacy
Relics of the Gree Relics of the Gree Relics of the Gree Seeker Droid Missions
Blue Scalene Red Scalene White Scalene Dreadseed
BlueScalene1 Legacy RedScalene1 Legacy WhiteScalene1 Legacy Dreadseed1 Legacy
Seeker Droid Missions      
Star Forager      
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