Four legacy sets are available from the Dromund Kaas/Coruscant Vendors. The Renowned (legacy level 10) and Exalted (legacy level 20) sets are available for credits. They cost quite a bit, with prices ranging from 75k to 250k for a single piece (Exalted pieces usually more pricy). The Birthright and Inheritance sets (not moddable – level 14-16 and 29-33) are available by trading in tokens obtained via random drops. For more information on the location of the legacy vendors and a preview of some of the legacy sets not found here yet, please check out this guide here.

Legacy sets are also often available for a limited time during World Events. They require Social Rank I or Reputation with the Gree. Most of the Reputation gear is also Bind to Legacy.

Assault on Tython/Korriban Incursion

Depths of Manaan

Bounty Broker Association

Citizens of Makeb

Coalition Forces on Yavin

CZ-198 – Ordnance Acquisition Corps (Imp), The Adjudicators (Pub)

Galactic Solutions Industries

Gree Enclave

Imperial First Mobile Fleet/Republic Hyperspace Armada

Imperial Guard/Republican Fifth Assault Battalion (Section X)

Kuat Drive Yards – Imperial Forward Command (Imp), Republic First Fleet (Pub)

Oricon – Dread Executioners (Imp), Strike Team Oricon (Pub)

People of Rishi


Bounty Broker Association

Chevin Grand Acquisitions Race

Nar Shaddaa Nightlife

Rakghoul Pandemic

Rakghoul Resurgence

Relics of the Gree

Seeker Droid Missions

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